Classes at the Institute


8:00-9:30, Level 1-2 Bilingual (Middle floor)
Sara Pisano :


18:00-19:00 , Level 1 - Bilingual (Middle floor)
with Martín Nuñez


19:30-21:00, Level 1-2 - in English (Middle floor)
with Julia Ehlert :


18:00-19:30, Level 1-2 [in English] (Ground floor)
with Claudia Lamas Cornejo :

COVID - Guidelines

The number of yoga practitioners per room is limited. 
A confirmed registration is mandatory for each class.

Please bring a towel and a yoga belt from home.

• Upon your arrival to the IYIB premises please wear your mask (if possible, arrive changed).
• The changing room may be used while maintaining a safety distance (1.5m).
• Please wash your hands with soap before and after the yoga class.
• There is also a hand disinfection dispenser in each yoga room.
• Only one person may walk on the inside stairs (from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor).
• Payment as usual before the beginning of class - please wash your hands afterwards.
• If you own a 10-visit-pass, please enter the date yourself.
• In the yoga rooms we laid out the black thick mats in accordance with the distance requirements specified by the Berlin Senate.
• During the lesson you are asked to stay on the mat.
• Mats you have brought with you can be placed on the thick black mats - or you can practice directly on the black mats.
• After the class, the mats are cleaned by us teachers.
• Shoulder stand plates, blocks and chairs are cleaned by each student after the classes.
• Once you are on your mat, the mask can be removed during practice.



19:00-20:30, Mixed Level 1-2, Online, Bilingual EN/DE
with Hermann Traitteur :


19:00-20:30 Mixed Level 1-2, Online, Bilingual EN/DE
with Claudia Lamas Cornejo:


8.00 -9.30, Mixed Level 1-2, Online, Bilingual EN/DE
with Sara Pisano :


18:00-19:30, Mixed Level 1-2, Online, Bilingual EN/DE
with Claudia Lamas Cornejo : 

How to register for the online classes

Click on the links above to register. Please register via email no later than 30 minutes before the course starts. Click on the registration link above.

Prior to class - Install Zoom

We teach our online classes with Zoom. You need a device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) with a camera and a microphone. If you haven't installed Zoom yet, please follow the installation instructions below.  Select the appropriate link for your device, download the necessary software and install the app or software program for your Laptop, I-Pad / I-Phone or Android Smartphone

Dial-in codes

Once you have registered via email, you will receive an invitation email with the corresponding link and with the meeting ID and password for the respective class.

Cost of the Online classes

• For students who have purchased a 10-Visit-Pass from IYIB:
Please enter the respective date in your ten-visit-pass yourself when you participate in the online classes.

• For students without a valid 10-Visit-Pass from IYIB:
The respective teachers will clarify the terms of billing and payment with you after registration via email.

Price per Online Class:

• 90 minutes € 12
• 60 minutes: € 10

Reduced Costs

• 90 minutes € 10
• 60 minutes: € 8


Claudia and Hermann have put together two sequences which aim to support and boost your immune system.

The main focus of the sequences are forward extensions with head support, supported backward extensions as well as inversions. Aside from the stimulation of the Nervous and Lymphatic System, these Asanas support our Respiratory and Circulatory System.
The duration should be adapted according to the practicioners‘ level of practice (between 3 – 10 Min. per Asana).  
We show you two different variations of each Asana.

The PDF download in english is availble here.

Iyengar Yoga for the respiratory System – Lois Steinberg, Ph.D.

Reading recommendation: Iyengar Yoga for the Respiratory System by Lois Steinberg.

The article provides you with a series of modified yoga postures that support the health of the respiratory tract. In the description of the individual postures of the sequence, Lois emphasizes that the lungs should be aligned so that not only the front side but also the back of the lungs can be optimally ventilated. Each posture, including the use of props, is described and illustrated in detail. In addition, the specific physiological effect of the postures on the respiratory tract and lungs is explained. Due to the generous use of props, the illustrations and the set-ups are particularly aimed at Iyengar Yoga teachers with the appropriate equipment. The article is also aimed at advanced Iyengar Yoga practitioners or Iyengar Yoga practitioners who already are familiar with other publications by Lois Steinberg. The individual postures can be practiced in a slightly modified way with a significantly reduced use of props. Lois also gives examples for the reduced use of props in the descriptions. To open the following pages (2-13) of the article please click here or double-click article.