Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Practical Guide for People with MS and Yoga Teachers

by Garth McLean.

By providing an overview of key yoga postures and basic breathing techniques, this book demonstrates how people with Multiple Sclerosis can manage symptoms, and create a regular yoga practice in order to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Suitable for beginner and continuing level yoga students, as well as for yoga teachers looking for ways to support their students.

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Yoga and Scoliosis: A Journey to health and healing

by Marcia Monroe.
The book is a guide to understanding how to approach the challenges of spinal asymmetry due to scoliosis. Marcia offers clear and precise instructions for addressing scoliosis for yoga practicicioners as well as yoga teachers. The book covers the history and treatment modalities of scoliosis. It explores the complexities of the concept of alignment in the body. Four chapters give instruction in yoga asanas for scoliosis, and another chapter discusses yoga practice in daily living. The final chapter was developed by B. K. S. Iyengar.

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Yoga and Parkinson’s Disease: A Journey to health and healing

by Peggy van Hulsteyn.

The book is a practical how to guide to using yoga to manage stress, improve mental alertness, increase flexibility, correct posture and improve the quality of life of readers with Parkinson’s. It follows the authors‘ own experience and research studies in the subject that have shown a correlation between yoga practice and better health and outcomes after a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis.

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Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to health and healing

by Loren Fishman and Eric Small.

This user-friendly guide describes how yoga works
Includes photographs and descriptions of each pose
Explains effects, advantages, and contraindications
Contains starter poses that will help the uninitiated or physically challenged to gently achieve a posture
Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to Health and Healing is a guidebook and tool for people with MS, people who undertake yoga on their own, and for all members of the medical and yoga communities.

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Yoga for Fibromyalgia

by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer
Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by chronic muscular pain and stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, cognitive impairment, fatigue, disturbed sleep, and more. The author presents various asanas to manage these symptoms. Her comprehensive program of 26 illustrated yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation sessions can be practiced regardless of age or yoga experience. She teaches how to use simple props – a chair, a blanket – to modify poses to support your body and your changing needs.

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Yoga Rahasya: Yoga Therapy

Compilation vom RIMYI.

Artikel und Interviews aus den Jahren 1994 bis 2009 über den therpeutischen Aspekt von Iyengar Yoga.
(in english)

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Understanding Yoga through Body Knowledge

von Dr. Sulochana D. Telang.

Umfangreiches Lehrbuch über die westliche Anatomie und Physiologie in Bezug zum yogischen Konzept des menschlichen Körpers.
(in english)

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