Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Practical Guide for People with MS and Yoga Teachers

by Garth McLean.

By providing an overview of key yoga postures and basic breathing techniques, this book demonstrates how people with Multiple Sclerosis can manage symptoms, and create a regular yoga practice in order to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Suitable for beginner and continuing level yoga students, as well as for yoga teachers looking for ways to support their students.

29,95 €

Understanding Yoga through Body Knowledge

von Dr. Sulochana D. Telang.

Umfangreiches Lehrbuch über die westliche Anatomie und Physiologie in Bezug zum yogischen Konzept des menschlichen Körpers.
(in english)

21,90 €

Yoga Rahasya: Yoga Therapy

Compilation vom RIMYI.

Artikel und Interviews aus den Jahren 1994 bis 2009 über den therpeutischen Aspekt von Iyengar Yoga.
(in english)

18,00 €